Julian Alexander
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What he means to me  

Someone so tiny has changed my life, my thoughts, my world. The smile that Julian had could break through any heart and find a comfortable place to rest.  He was such a joy to play with, to love on, to hold, to even smell.  He had such a wondersul disposition that I know without a doubt, we held an angel in our hands.  God blessed us with an angel for a little over 90 days, 3 months of unconditional love given to everyone who met him.  Appropriately he hugged back and loved back as only his little being could, after all, he was conceived in love, he was raised in love, he was surrounded by love. And now even in death, the love comes through and you can feel his kiss, feel his presence and find peace.  My grandbaby, you have given me life through the short time you were here.  As always, save a place on Jesus lap for Mimi.  I love you more than life.    
Mimi - Deborah

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