Julian Alexander
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Born in Carrollton, Texas on December 07, 2004.  We waited patiently for Fat Fat to make his appearance.  He was welcomed by his mom and daddy, his grandparents, Booker and Margaret Alexander, Deborah Williams and his big brother Jonathan Javon Alexander.  Later on that evening he had many family and friends to visit and wish him well.  He was a favorite with one nurse in the nursery who gave him a special set of crocheted booties and hat.. Already charming people at 2 hours old. 

Got to have my rest
If Julian did one thing that we all need to do, that is he got his rest..and he loved to eat!  Ask his mommie Bridgette...
He learned to giggle
So what can be so funny to a little fella only 2-3 months old?
His Aunt Sonya and grandmomma Debbie were talking to him. He had taken a nap and was about to get his diaper changed. He was so focused on Sonya that I had to get that big grin.. Amazing how we cherish this so much..oh to hear that giggle again!

Became an Angel on March 24, 2005 . That day will never be forgotten.
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